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How Not To Start Your Day With Anxiety?

We often lose control every time anxiety attacks strike in the morning. We will share here useful tips on how to prevent it from wrecking the rest of your day.

Morning anxiety, as it is called, happens when panic attacks or anxious thoughts occur early in the day. An anxiety-filled morning is difficult because it’s a burden you must carry while haggardly preparing yourself for work or for school. Anxious thoughts running in your head also tend to disrupt your morning routine.

You are not alone

Even individuals who have no anxiety disorders can have morning anxiety; it can happen to anyone. If you wake up in the morning and found that you’re running late for an important event, say a meeting with a VIP client, you become anxious as you do a very quick shower, change clothes, comb your hair and stuff – the feeling is very stressful with a sense of doom, because you are worried that someone important will be waiting for you.

You should understand that anxiety is an emotion which normally has a cause. If your anxiety does not have a definite cause, or if it has a cause but bothers you for a long time already, then you might have a problem. Anyways, here some no-nonsense tips on how to manage or reduce onset of morning anxiety:

Manage your morning time

The main cause of morning panic in people with or without anxiety disorders is time. Your morning anxiety may be caused by having too little time left in your hands. If you’ll manage your time properly you will solve a lot of problems, including anxiety.

It is easier to manage time in the morning by arising early (arising, not just waking up and remaining on bed). In that way, you’ll have extra hours to prepare and think clearly which lessen the chance of having anxiety.

Have enough sleep

Morning anxiety tends to strike if we don’t have enough sleep. Adults must have at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Sleep less than that and your brain won’t be able to function properly, which makes you at risk of having problems like unexplained anxiety.

Remember that anxiety also strikes if we woke up from sleep at the wrong time, like waking up at 8 when supposed to be 7, hence the importance of waking up early.

Remove stressors

Your morning anxiety may have a cause, and some causes are simple. Examine things that make you stressed in the morning, and remove them from your surroundings. Here are some common noxious stressors that make you anxious during the day:

· Kids waking you up

Sometimes it is fun and sometimes it is not. Some kids are notoriously early-risers. You can’t just eliminate kids, or angrily reprimand your tots for being more active or time conscious than you. Change the situation by waking up earlier than them.

· Morning news

Early morning news may keep you updated to current events, but may also be a cause of your anxiety. And do you really need to be updated with local and international events? The atrocities and depravities featured in the news is enough to make you harbor negative thoughts.

Change the situation by turning off the news and not reading the newspaper. Read them later when you get to your office, where you’re better prepared and ready to face negative news.

· Email

Checking your email first thing in the morning is often more than enough to provoke anxiety. Reading emails before you brush your teeth often brings a sense of urgency, which is unhealthy and anxiety provoking.

Unless you are awaiting something very important, be in charge by opening your email at the office or at your desk.

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