Christmas-Related Stress And Anxiety: What You Should Know

Holidays is often a time of rush and numerous events, and unfortunately, some find it a season of anxiety and additional stress. This is true to people with no anxiety or depressive problems, whose worries include what gifts to buy or what events should they go, or how they should prepare for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve, or going to family reunions.

But to individuals with existing anxiety and mood disorders, they have somewhat different reasons why Christmas season is a time of struggle. And the worst thing is that they find it unable to reach for help or to have someone listen to their struggles.

Some holiday-related triggers of anxiety and stress

Here are some notable reasons why holidays are such a bad time for people with anxiety problems:

  • Having to attend numerous gatherings with people you are not comfortable with.
  • Participating and preparing in activities with people, again, you are not comfortable mingling with.
  • Things that preoccupy the mind but don’t have enough time to do like organizing lists, decorating and shopping and buying gifts
  • Fraught relationships with coworkers, friends, schoolmates or family members, etc.

How to cope and what you can do?

In many people, whether they have anxiety disorders or not, feel degrees of loneliness and disappointment. Some may even feel despair and hopelessness. These emotions are surprisingly common during the holidays despite the festivities. If you feel terrible and burdened during the holidays, you are not alone. But you can do something about it.

Here is what you can do to cope:

  • Learn to prioritize. List events and to-do lists prioritize them according to importance. You should determine if an event or task is worth going to or worth doing. Of course, make a list on things you shouldn’t do, too.
  • Always make sure to protect your integrity. If you feel that you are not comfortable in an upcoming event or in a task, don’t go or don’t do it. For example, think carefully if you really have to go to a family reunion where you have to spend time with a relative whom you don’t have good relations with.
  • Do the things you want to do this holiday season, not just because you have to. It is not worth to do something just because of family tradition or just to please your relatives. For example, do you really need to bake a cake according to your deceased grandmother’s recipe when you can enjoy on burger and fries?
  • Be organized and make sure to have enough rest in a day. Learn to delegate. All duties and tasks during holiday season are best done with many people on your side.
  • Make sure to communicate your thoughts to someone you trust. It will really help alleviate negative and anxious thoughts. Spend time with people who accept and understand you.
  • Make sure your day has enough time to do what you need to do and time for rest. Take care of yourself. Bouts of flu and fever are common during the holidays, and you don’t have to go to events if you are sick.

The problem is not on you

You should understand that the problem during these times is not you. Holiday seasons are such a rush that many people find it unable to cope. If you feel bad during the holidays, it is not your fault. Don’t forget to continue your treatment for anxiety and mood disorders – do not interrupt it during this holiday season.


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