Does Panic Away really work?

There are many people who wonder whether the panic away one move technique will actually work? Well the truth is, yes it does work, it may not work for absolutely every single person out there, but it will work for the majority of people, depending on how serious your case of anxiety or panic attacks truly are!

Scientific researches have shown that , when a person experiences anxiety, the activities of the brain are shifted from front brain to mid-brain. Since the mid-brain is associated with the survival mechanism, you become excessively wary of your environment. The Panic Away program uses the one move technique to bring all mental activities back to the front brain — the more rational and positive part of the brain, thus helping you to restore calmness in your brain.

Panic Away 21-7 Technique/ One Move Technique

Panic Away utilizes One Move Technique or 21/7 technique. In short, this means doing a 21-second countdown followed by a 7-second exercise. Both of these are extremely simple and can be done anywhere. There are also a number of additional exercises, both physical and mental (including visualization, affirmations, and breathing techniques) to help the stages along.

According to Panic Away reviews made by anxiety sufferers themselves, it is an effective method not only to treat anxiety disorders but also in managing panic attacks. Furthermore, majority of the former-sufferers stated that The One Move Technique helped them transform their lives for the better because they able to manage their fears whenever panic attack strikes and at the same time are able to function normally without worrying about their condition or themselves.

If you are suffering from anxiety disorders and experience frequent panic attacks, this can be your best chance in order to deal with them. With The One Move Technique you will be able to not only treat your existing anxiety disorder and frequent panic attacks and be able to conquer them without fearing side effects associated with medications.

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Barry McDonagh talks about how to overcome panic attacks and anxiety with his program Panic Away.

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