Natural Anxiety Treatment Programs

There are several  natural anxiety treatment programs that are proven useful and effective for people suffering from anxiety disorders. These natural remedies are proven effective and safe, and according to reviews and information from research.

We will first discuss some popular anxiety treatment programs in the internet. Many of these programs have great reviews regarding effectiveness and ease of use. All of these programs do not require medication, and you can use them even if you’re on medication.

In here, we will discuss the anti-anxiety programs:

Easy Calm®

Easy calm is a video-coaching program designed to treat help people with anxiety disorders overcome anxiety without using medications. Created by Jon Mercer, Easy Calm promises to help treat anxiety naturally using techniques like changing thinking habits, confronting the root of anxiety and panic attacks, and controlling aggravating issues from the bottom up.

The Easy Calm series promises long-term solutions for anxiety by confronting underlying causes to reduce and even eliminate anxious and panicky thoughts. Thus, Easy Calm promises a long-term solution and not just a band-aid remedy for anxiety.

Linden Method®

Linden Method works much similar to Easy Calm. It also has instructional videos that instruct the viewer on anxiety elimination. In its website, Linden Method also addresses specific problems encountered by many anxiety sufferers – agoraphobia and obsessions. It is described as a program that helps patient achieve solution for anxiety without medication, and it can still be used by patients who’re on meds.

Aside from instructional videos, the Linden Method also utilizes audio recordings. Audio recordings have the advantage of not needing undivided attention. These recordings are specifically made to help the patient switch off panic attacks, and aid in relaxation and to help achieve better sleep.

According to the founder of Linden Method, Charles Linden, anxiety disorders are actually behavioral conditions i.e. the abnormal anxiety behavior is a result of learning it, like how we learn to play a musical instrument or a new language. And to solve the disorder, this ‘learned’ anxiety disorder must be unlearned and forgotten.

Panic Away®

Panic Away is another popular natural anxiety remedy program. Panic Away is a program that teaches patients to deal with anxiety by examining the hidden causes, understanding its symptoms completely, and controlling the symptoms through a step-by-step guide in the program. It makes you learn that the symptoms or sensations you feel during panic attacks are false responses to a non-existing threat, and once you learned this completely, you’ll gradually learn to detect and control them.

It teaches the fact that we subconsciously misinterpret fears as danger (which triggers panic) due to repeated long-term stress, worries and fears. In the Panic Away program, you will learn how to change perceptions and attitudes on anxiety and its symptoms to solve the disorder thus helping your mind to free from unnecessary worries and tensions.

Panic Away has helped over 70,000 people around the globe to heal general anxiety and panic attacks with its new approach. Made by a former sufferer of general anxiety and panic attacks, Barry McDonagh, Panic Away became the bestselling anxiety treatment program and has been featured on radio and TV in the USA.

In this program you will follow the footsteps of a person who already overcame panic attacks and general anxiety and understands what you have been through. Lots of success stories and positive reviews from therapists like Dr. Harry Barry found on the official website speak about the effectiveness of this powerful program.

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Herbs for Anxiety Disorders

Several herbal plants are proven to reduce anxiety levels. A lot of these plants are used as anxiety remedies for thousands of years. Modern studies have determined that they are effective and useful, and we can use them to help control anxiety disorders.

These herbs work like medicines inside the body as it works to relieve anxiety or promote relaxation. But like drugs, these herbs can interact with medicines. These herbs may also reduce the blood’s ability to clot, which must be considered when you’re going to have procedures like surgery. Furthermore, these herbs may not be safe for those who are pregnant or nursing. To be sure, always ask your doctor first before taking any of these herbs.

Here are the herbs that are good for management of anxiety:

1.  Chamomile

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita, or Chamaemelum nobile) is a plant with anxiety-relieving and sedative properties. Chamomile is also used as a remedy for stomach discomfort.

In a study, chamomile is shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety in people with mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder. Higher doses of chamomile can also make you feel sleepy.

Chamomile is commonly consumed as herbal tea. Don’t consume products containing chamomile if you are pregnant or have hay fever.

2.  Valerian

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is another herb used since historic times. Valerian can relieve insomnia, anxiety and nervousness, and can also help bring sleep.

The root of Valerian is the part of the plant used as medicine. The root of the Valerian plant is pressed into juice, or freeze-dried then powdered to make supplements.

3.  Passionflower

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnate) is a flowering herb that is raised for its fruit and their beautiful flowers. Passionflower was used to treat anxiety, insomnia and seizures.

A lot of herbal preparations for anxiety contains passion flower as an ingredient. Passionflower is a good anxiety reliever, though it is not as potent as valerian.

People use passionflower by infusing its leaves, flowers and stems to make tea and tinctures.

4.  Kava kava

Kava kava (Piper methysticum) is a plant that grows in the south Pacific Islands, where it is used as a medicine and intoxicant.

Kava kava is effective in lowering anxiety and has the same potency as low-dose benzodiazepines, which are prescribed by doctors for the same purpose. But like drugs, you can feel the anxiety-lowering effect of kava kava after several weeks of use, usually after 6 to 8 weeks. Kava is also effective for stress, sleep problems and restlessness.

Kava kava is prepared by pounding the roots with little water to release the extract. People who have problems in the liver, undergoing surgery and pregnant or nursing must not use Kava. Those with liver problems who took kava may experience serious liver damage, even if it is taken for short time only.

The good thing about herbs is most of them do not exert any strong side effects, unlike drugs. They do not cause adverse effects that associated with drugs, including sexual dysfunction, sedation, potential addiction and drug tolerance, and impaired motor skills. Still, it is still recommended not to drive or operate heavy machinery when or after using these herbs.

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